Brand campaign for Russia's #1 search engine.

Yandex is Russia’s number one search engine and Russia's leading technology company. However Yandex was being challenged by Google particularly among younger users, drawn to Google’s empowering and friendly image. Yandex appointed My Agency to create a brand campaign to give Yandex a warmer and friendlier personality. Our integrated 'Find Everything' campaign ran in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey and combined simple Yandex search queries with funny things that might want the answers. The campaign pushed Yandex search figures to 60.6%, a 12 month high, stealing back users from Google, reconnected existing users and created hundreds of thousands of new users. Within days, fans of the campaign started creating their own versions and uploading them to sites like Yandex Video and YouTube. There were more than 5,000 Tweets and hundreds of thousands of online views.




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