Turning BE into the Broadband Experts.

BE Broadband was the first company in the UK to offer super fast broadband, but it launched just as slower 'free' broadband was becoming available. Unlike BT, Talk Talk or Sky, BE only did fast broadband. This meant BE could stand for something: Broadband Experts, appealing to the committed community of early adopters who believed broadband was the force to unleash a new world of communication, collaboration and creativity. Our simple creative vehicle made the company logo into an avatar, giving BE personality and a campaigning attitude against its faceless competitors. This cross media, integrated communications programme doubled subscriber numbers for three straight years and maintained BE's premium price, despite the availability of free broadband. BE’s user community was the most active of any ISP in the UK, with over 30% of its members regularly contributing to their forum. BE’s fans took to the campaign straight away and were soon creating their own avatars to interact with the brand. BE won ISP of the year and was eventually sold to O2 for £50 million.


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