Branding the UK's first Vegas style casino.

The brief was to create and launch a new kind of luxury casino, one that appealed to existing gamers and people who didn’t go to UK casinos - affluent young urbanites looking for new social experiences. Everything about the brand was designed to make it appealing to women as well as men. The brand I created, Manchester235, was brought to life using the language of gaming, the language of numbers. The creative idea combined this with a promise of an experience that was ‘Predictably wonderful, wonderfully unpredictable’. Pre-launch advertising intrigued people with the promise of an unusual and exciting experience without being completely explicit that the venue was a casino. With the design team at My Agency I designed and executed the brand across every consumer touch point, including the design of the casino and corporate ID, the identities of its bars and restaurants, membership materials, brochures, gift packages, advertising and staff recruitment. The launch website was created with the team at Unit9. I even got to choose the cutlery in the restaurants! The Launch was LCI's most successful casino launch with 17,000 prelaunch registrations and 20,000 more members in the first few weeks. Importantly 30% of the membership was female.


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