Getting Britain's mums to save SunnyD.

Once the UK's 3rd largest selling drink, SunnyD became the 4th most hated brand after it was revealed it contained loads of sugar and palm oil. Stories about children turning orange after drinking too much didn't help much either. SunnyD was sold by P&G and the new owners crowd sourced a group of real mums from over 2,000 applicants, to help completely reformulate the product. New SunnyD was now all natural, but could Britain's mums forgive it? To give mums the confidence to buy it again, we decided honesty was the best policy. PR used the mum's from the Parent's Advisory Group to tell the story, while print and radio used the negative preconceptions of the brand to tell the story of how it had been radically reinvented. The TV ad, directed by Jon Riche, was aimed at both mum's and kids. It dramatised the role mums had played by making mum a hero, defending new SunnyD from the bad old ingredients, who wanted back in. Thanks to the campaign, sales went up 15% up year on year, despite a nearly 50% price rise.


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