Bacardi Breezer. There's Latin spirit in everyone.

This is the original campaign that made Bacardi Breezer such a huge success. I created it with Colin Selikow when I was a group head at McCann's. The TV was directed by Howard Greenhalgh who I also worked with extensively on the Bacardi Rum Latin Quarter campaign. The idea was that Breezer looked innocent, but actually contained a shot and a half of Bacardi. The fun ads played off the duality of people who in formal situations appear innocent enough, but whose thoughts reveal them to be wild party animals (just like the product). The campaign won loads of awards, ran for 7 years and played in 26 markets. It also helped Breezer become a much more unisex drink, with the percentage of men drinking it rising from 10-40% over the course of the campaign.


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