Campaign that grew Grant's to world #3 whisky.

My Agency's strategic & creative work helped Grant’s grow from number 5 to the world's 3rd best selling Scotch whisky. Aimed at whisky drinkers who want to move beyond badge brands, the campaign focused on the traditional way Grant’s is made, its unique brand story and the more rewarding and complex drinking experience of the whisky. The integrated 360˚ advertising and marketing campaign, invited drinkers to ‘Try a different angle’ and discover a richer whisky experience. Over the five years I worked with Grant's, the brand consistently grew ahead of its category. In 2009 it became the 4th largest whisky and in 2011 Grants became the world’s 3rd largest Scotch whisky, with sales up by 12% to 4.9 million cases. Alongside volume gains, Grant’s now commands a more premium price and the value of the brand increased to over $1 billion. Awareness has risen dramatically, in the UK the brand achieved its three-year objective in just six months. I also helped Grant's successfully launch its premium 12 year old blend.


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