Support your local takeaway. Snackoff SnackStop!

This campaign to launch a new range of pasta ready meals caused quite a stir when we managed to convince the media and in particular the 'Today Show' on BBC Radio 4 that ex ' World's Strongest Man' Geoff Capes was on a crusade to save the British takeaway industry from attack by home prepared ready meals like SnackStop. To enhance the campaign's credibility, Weber Shandwick set up a press office, featuring a hotline for the media. This was matched by a consumer hotline and website, through which the general public and takeaway owners could register their support and, in return, receive stickers for their local takeaway outlets. PR included a photo call, two rounds of intensive radio interviews with Capes and a gatecrash tour of radio breakfast shows in London. To drive traffic to the site, viral e-mails were sent to the national and regional media and more than 23,000 stickers and posters were sent to takeaway outlets across the UK. The site content gradually morphed to include SnackStop branding. The TV ads directed by Steve Bendelack, featured Capes giving various tirades against tasty and convenient SnackStop while pointing out the wonders to be had in your local fast food outlet. The campaign was conceived and written by Rick Chant & Barney Hobson and I was the Creative Director.


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