Naming, branding & launching Koru Energy Strips.

My client had a new product idea – a kind of Red Bull on an edible strip, which allowed caffeine to go directly into the blood stream for an instant energy hit. My Agency was asked to create a new brand. Everything from the name, brand identity, packaging, point of sale, website, trade marketing materials, and advertising. To begin with I created the story of Koru, a word derived from the Maori word for energy. The Koru brand became an explanation for their incredible physical power. The iconic brand imagery was a seamless blend of traditional Polynesian tattoo art and comic book graphics that fitted neatly into the surfer/skater world of Koru’s intended fans, students and those burning the candle at both ends. The icon was designed to provide a simple platform to connect all forms of communication, but it also had a very practical use in that it showed consumers how to use the product, by placing it on their tongue.

Art DirectionCreative DirectionGraphic Design

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