Standout advertising for Welch's Grape Juice.

Welch’s Purple Grape Juice is an iconic brand in the USA, but had low awareness in the UK. Welch's appointed My Agency to create an integrated campaign to create standout and sales in a saturated market. The TV ad, ‘Packed with Antioxidants’ hi-lighted the fact that Welch’s has twice the antioxidants of orange juice by making characters out of Welch’s antioxidants who cram twice as many of themselves into a glass compared to the antioxidants in a glass of orange juice. While other premium branded juices declined, ‘Packed with Antioxidants’ achieved dramatic growth for Welch’s Purple Grape Juice, doubling sales and becoming #1 for advertising awareness among juice brands. The campaign ran for 4 years in the UK and the TV ad was also used in the USA and China. The TV ad was directed by Liam Kan and Grant Hodgson AKA Who?


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