Freedome. Branding the next gen freestyle aerial park.

Sky Zone is the originator and global market leader in multi-activity trampoline parks, operating over 100 parks across USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia. In the process, Sky Zone has spawned many imitators. Recently Sky Zone's founder Jeff Platt asked My Agency to name and create a new active entertainment brand for Sky Zone's launch into the UK and Europe. The brief was to create a brand to revolutionise the trampoline park experience and take Sky Zone to the next level. The new brand I've created is called Freedome. It's all about freedom of movement and expression, having fun and pushing the limits. Freedome will mix fitness, sport and entertainment in gravity-defying hi-tech urban aerial activity parks that will set the benchmark in active entertainment in the UK and beyond. Freedome is a holistic branding concept that includes sub brands, in venue design and staff behaviour. The first Freedome opens at Cheshire Oaks mid 2016.


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