Bacardi Breezer. Integrated campaign of the year.

This 360º integrated campaign, that I created with Mark Hurst, was one of the most successful UK drinks campaigns of all time. It created annual sales of £590 million, making Breezer bigger than Budweiser in the UK and was used to launch Breezer into 15 International markets. It won Marketing Week's Campaign of the year and helped McCann's win Agency of the Year. The idea was based on the notion of dual personalities. It drew a parallel between Bacardi Breezer which looks sweet and innocent, but contains a shot and a half of Bacardi rum (the Latin spirit) and people who appear responsible and conservative, but are really wild part animals at heart. The campaign made a celebrity of Tomcat, an old lady's cat by day, but the 'Prince of Cats' by night. Tom was probably the first cat to have his own newspaper and magazine columns, appear regularly in celebrity magazines and be a judge at 'The Woman of the Year' Awards. He was the first non human 'Page 7 fella'. At the height of the campaign Tom received hundreds of fan emails a week and was rumored to be taking a staring roll in the hit TV series 'Friends'. Last but not least, the ads featured in 'The top 50 greatest TV ads' as voted for by the British public. All the TV ads were directed by Liam Kan and Grant Hodgson.


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