Bacardi Rum. Welcome to the Latin Quarter.

This successful campaign aimed to make Bacardi more credible and relevant to men and help the brand to compete with Vodka. 'Welcome to the Latin Quarter' built on Bacardi's Cuban heritage and positioned it as the spirit for seriously good times. The integrated campaign starred ex-footballer turned 'tough guy' actor Vinnie Jones, who discovered that it was better to have fun and join the party than act tough. The advertising linked seamlessly with brand activation which brought the Latin Quarter to life through festival B-Bar's and the B-Live music sponsorship programme. 'Welcome to the Latin Quarter' ran for 5 years, became the UK's most effective spirits campaign and ran in 15 markets internationally. In an attempt to re-balance the campaign for women, the last ad in the campaign saw a change of hero to Italian heartthrob Raoul Bova. The 'Ice' ad was directed by Brian Baletic, all the other commercials in the campaign were directed by Howard Greenhalgh.


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